What it does?

Device Connection
Data Visualization
REST API Integration


Trustworthy & scalable hosted MQTT server
Fully Managed MQTT Broker
Sign up and Start collecting MQTT Data. Leave the sticky server management & monitoring to us & focus on creating & developing your industrial & commercial IoT/IIOT application over MQTT Broker.
Dedicated VM Instances
A dedicated server to run a virtual machine VM instances and not shared with other tenants. We provide a guaranteed isolation between instances completely dedicated to one single customer.
Four Nines Availability
The server will be up and running to collect information 24 X 7 from your edge devices. We promise 99.99% uptime ensuring agreed level of performance and protecting against the risk of downtime.
Experience the impressive features
Visualize Your Data
A powerful MQTT dashboard to view & manage real-time messages / data from connected devices, MQTT topics & more. Play with pre-configured widgets, graphs & charts to display visual form of data.
Flexible Data Integration
Availability of REST based APIs to control and manage the IoT devices from the manager application while building IoT / IIoT Application and flexible integration with ERP / business management applications.
Data Protection & Security
Secure connection and communication of your devices over SSL. Compliant with the security standards in managing your data & to protect your hosted information without compromise.

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We are experts in developing highly extendable next generation frameworks & tools and advanced solutions for manufacturing industry. An end to end product & solution provider for all IoT / IIoT requirements.

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